Illustrator of magical creatures.
    Born and based in Guatemala City, Muxxi’s unusual characters and creatures have given her a cult following around the world and global brands haven’t been immune to the charms of her work either. Her quirky images speak of freedom and expressiveness and when she’s creating an illo – or even an imaginary world - her aim is to spread joy to whoever sees it.
    Exhibitions (International)
    “Dreamboat” at Start the Bus Gallery in Bristol UK 2010
    The Missing Link Project (Pictoplasma Character Walk) Berlin 2011
    “WeUpLift” at Creatures Creating, Toronto Canada 2011
    Inkygoodness Character Totem Home-Coming exhibition at Zellig Gallery, Birmingham 2011
    “When we were young” La Boca Art Cafe, Newcastle Upon Tiny UK 2011
    “Dead Good” Leeds UK 2011
    Shape / Shift Exhibition Inkygoodness & Fiend Projects Art Festival, Designcenter de Winkelhaak. January 2012
    The 5th Annual LADIES FIRST Art Show and Tour at Shanghai Cowgirl -538 Queen St. W. in Toronto. April 2012
    100 Houses Exhibition, The Tobacco Factory UK – Nov 2012
    Beermat Character Exhibition, Coningsby Gallery, London – April 2013
    Scrapbook Live, The Griffin Gallery, London – May 2013
    Mail Me Art “Short & Sweet”, The Framers Gallery London – July 2013
    “Not for Rental” A movie-inspired charity exhibition, 71a Gallery, London – July 2013
    Monsters Club, The Parlour Showrooms, Bristol – October 2013
    Fonzo Loves California, Dragatomi CA – Nov 2013
    Animated Film Festival Lisbon | MONSTRA  - March 2014
    Out of body, Gauntlet Gallery, San Francisco, CA - April 2014
    Pictoplasma Academy Exhibition, Urban Spree, Berlin - April 2014
    La Guarimba Film Festival, Amantea, Italy - August 2014
    Loch Ness & Friends, Tobaco Factory - Bristol UK - October 2014
    Eye Candy Festival, Birmingham UK - November 2014
    Exhibitions (Local)
    El Amor en los tiempos de la Liquidacion – Casa Roja 2011
    Reforestarte – Campo de Luz, Tecpan 2011
    Festival Eucalipto 2011
    Los Pecados Capitales – Espacio Bakabs 2011
    No hay Papel – N.O.A 2011
    Aqui EsToy – Alianza Francesa 2011
    PornoGráfica – N.O.A 2011
    Generación Contemporanea – Museo IXCHEL 2012
    Aquí todos los dias es día de Muertos – Alianza Francesa 2012
    Criaturalandia – Solo Exhibition – La Erre 2013
    Querida Familia – Alianza Francesa – 2013
    Expo-Bazar Plaza Fontabella - 2014
    Subasta Capiusera - Casa Ronald McDonald - 2014
    Festival de murales "Bonito mi barrio" - 2014
    Issue 7 (Ammo Magazine) 2011
    Character Design Issue 156 (Computer Arts) 2011
    Ilogic #11(Göoo Magazine) 2011
    Cosmos #11(Göoo Magazine) 2012
    Cover for Vol. 12 #33 (The Portland Mercury Newspaper) 2012
    Retro Edition (Revista Minima) 2012
    Us and Them Zine (Society6) 2012
    Cover for Vol 21 #20 (The Stranger Newspaper) 2012
    The Big Team Scribble!! Coloring Book (The Scribble Project)
    The Character Compendium (Pictoplasma) 2012
    All Rights Reserved Book (Society6) 2012
    Coloring Book, Volume II (Doodlers Anonymous) 2012
    Creative Review December Issue 2012
    Design Awards: Do clients care? Issue 215 (Computer Arts) 2013
    Always Me! Self Evaluation and Self Portrait (Dopress Books) 2013
    Cover for LM Magazine 2013
    The Art of Muxxi, Calendar 2014
    Society6 Artist Calendar (Society6) 2014
    Cover Design Issue No. 11 (Caketrain) 2014
    Playing Arts Deck, (Digital Abstracts) 2014
    Cover Design Issue #1 (This Thing Zine) 2014
    Coloring Book, Volume IV (Doodlers Anonymous) 2014
    Illustration Best In Show, Noise Festival, London 2014
    Some of my lovely clients:
    Betty & Dupree
    Mr. Chiizu
    Skull & Heart
    Springfield Man & Woman
    Andrews McMeel Publishing
    Saatchi & Saatchi
    Momiji HQ